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Info About Our Club

We are dedicated to providing the most exciting teen dance party in Florida while making sure we maintain a safe and secure environment for each of our patrons.

At Detour we have strict age requirements. To enter our facilities you must be between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. Each person that enters the building will be screened using a metal detector by a member of our security team.

We have a casual dress code however we do not allow hats or bandanas.

At all times we staff at least 6 security guards in addition to a paid police detail patrolling both the inside of the club as well as the outside parking areas.

Once in the club, re-entry is not allowed. (Persons with medical conditions such as asthma and food allergies are advised to bring their medications into the club with them).

We are a completely chemical free environment. At no time will alcohol, drugs, vaping, or smoking be allowed in our facilities. We have a “no tolerance” policy. If any of our rules are broken, you will no longer be allowed in or near our premises.

At Detour we are constantly coming up with new ideas, strategies and partnerships with local teen organizations, youth groups, and police agencies to help keep our facilities as safe as possible for everyone that enters.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve our safety – or if you would like to have us get involved with your organization – please email us at info@detournightlife.com