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Detour is an exclusive teen dance club & entertainment complex for teens between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.

If you’re looking for a place to dance, listen to your favorite music, play games, grab a soda with your friends, and meet new people your own age – then Detour is for you!

A valid High School ID, Birth Certificate, or Drivers License is required.

Did you know we host Birthday Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Semi Formals, Formals, School Dances, Fundraisers, & More?  Email info@detournightlife.com to learn more!

Information For Parents:

Teens Have Something New To Do on Saturday Nights

In a technology-oriented day and age, we know that an exciting change is needed to keep up with the interests of our kids.  We are happy to announce that a new destination for teens is opening in Orlando and it’s going to do just that!  We are excited to create a trendy hangout to help keep teenagers off the streets and into a safe environment.   

Detour is a brand dedicated to providing “top notch” entertainment for the high school teens.  Across the country, there is a general lack of options for teenagers who are looking to go out and have a good time in a secure, yet entertaining and exciting environment.  We’ve developed a teen entertainment complex and nightclub which will operate every Saturday night to do just that. 

Detour will cater to teens between the ages of 14 and 18 and will provide them with a place to go out and dance, listen to their favorite music, hang out with friends, improve their social skills by meeting new people their own age, and just have fun. 

We have kids too.  That means safety is a top priority for us.  We have plans in place that involve both private security as well as local police details.  The inside and outside of the venue will be continuously monitored to make sure our patrons are safe, and adhere to our “zero tolerance” policy against tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.  We also have the same “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to bullying.  To ensure that each and every one of our patrons enters a secure atmosphere, we will be using an airport grade handheld metal detector to keep all possible objects of harm out of our entertainment complex.  Also, while our dress code is on the casual side, we will not allow any hats, bandanas, or team sport jerseys.        

We look forward to making a positive impact in the Orlando area by building as many community ties and connections as we can.  Besides working with local police, we plan on establishing connections with local YMCA’s, DARE Programs, youth groups, and of course the local high schools.          

For questions or comments please email info@detournightlife.com or call 321-245-9802.

Planning a high school fundraiser?  Send us an email!  We would love to help!

Looking for a part time weekend job?  We are now hiring for all positions! (Soda Bar Staff, Cashiers, DJs, Lighting Techs, Local High School Promoters, Dancers, Door Staff, Security, VIP Hosts, Game Attendants, Photographers, and more!  Email info@detournightlife.com for info!

Follow us on Instagram!  Instagram.com/detournightlife

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We are Orlando’s official Club for High School Teens between the ages of 14 & 18!

We are now officially open each and every Saturday night!  The line starts at 7:45pm, doors open at 8pm, and the party goes until 12am!  As always, dress to impress and a valid ID is required at the door.  Admission is 12$ per person.

Our Location

Our facilities offer over 10,000 square feet of complete party atmosphere.  Our 1,000 square foot dance floor is equipped with the latest in high tech super intelligent club lighting and sound system.  Combine that with our super high output fog generators and you get an LED lightshow that will surpass anything you could ever imagine.  Our super-sized sound system pushes out a tremendous 10,000 watts of crystal clean music energy that will make you feel the music like never before.

If you’re a true party animal you will love our elevated dance stages!  If you don’t feel like dancing – That’s okay too!  Come hang out at our fully serviced bar (serving soda, water, energy drinks, and frozen non-alcoholic cocktails) or relax in the special VIP seating area – and don’t forget to check out the Virtual Reality Room.   Whether you’re looking to dance your feet off – or meet as many new people as possible – Detour is the perfect mix of party experiences that will make you want to return week after week!